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Welcome to Crane Middle School

Dear Parents,

Last year we kicked off the school year with so much excitement and positive energy.  This year we continue to be full of incredible opportunities for all our students and staff.  CrMS redefined itself as the most innovative in cutting edge practices and a philosophy that focuses on your child as a whole.  Program introduced to CrMS were Den (Advisory), Discovery, and Career and Technical Education (CTE).  We believe in the importance of creating problem solvers and advocating for our students through Den.  We offer choice of classes through Discovery.  We will be cutting edge through CTE courses.  This year CrMS has partnered up with ABEC and introduced new courses and curriculum.  Our new offerings include Construction, Agriculture Science, Engineering, Public Safety, and Health Professions.  University of Arizona and Pilkington Construction have been incredible in their support of our new programs.  Mrs. McGill’s 7th period Agriculture Science class will construct an indoor hydroponic garden.  While Ms. Tesh’s construction class learns about construction trades, her 1st period will assist in the construction of the indoor hydroponic garden.  Ms. Ussery is introducing engineering design.  Ms. Waldrop will be adding Public and Health Services component to her curriculum.  We are excited.  Your child will, also, participate in two community service projects in Den.  This is a great opportunity to develop pride and give back to our CrMS community.  Go Cougars!

In closing, I do not need to remind you how important your job is for your child to be successful at CrMS.  It requires your commitment that your child attends school every day, contributes to a positive learning environment, and strives for excellence.  Let’s have an amazing school year.  Work hard!  Get smart!  Be an Upstander!

Mr. Ryan Tyree, Principal


Ryan Tyree, Principal

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